Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cutahy Purchase of Tovrea Meat Packing Company

Found this add recently from the Arizona daily Sun in Flagstaff in the paper dated May 5, 1947. The ad states that Cudahy completed purchase of the Tovrea Packing Company facility on May 3, 1947. I am not sure if this is for the entire company or just a facility in Flagstaff. Has anyone ever found the date that the Tovrea Meat Packing Company in Phoenix was purchased by Cudahy?


  1. July 29, 1973 – AZ REP

    Feedlot succumbs to urban inroads

    Feedlots being dismantled – 48th and E. Washington - had been used as a finishing and holding lot to supply Cudahy Packing Co’s plant across the street – Tovreas sold the packing plant to Cudahy in 1947


    So, the Tovreas sold the packing plant to Cudahy in 1947, but held kept the feedlots til 1973, according to this article

    1. We toured Cudahy as a class in 1969 - got great hot dogs at the end of the tour along with a bucket of cow eyeballs to dissect the next day.

      SO FUN!!!